What is Dumpster Diver the Musical about?

What is Dumpster Diver the Musical about?
What if everything you had believed in was based on a lie? What if the company you were working for had evil intentions that they advertised as necessary for security? What if you were given the opportunity to expose the truth?

When confronted by an old college friend with the truth about his company, Trevor has a decision to make. Will he continue working and living a comfortable life, or will he risk everything to tell the truth, and in doing so, find adventure?
Discover what happens in this new musical about friendship, adventure, and dumpster diving.

The Synopsis of Dumpster Diver the Musical
This musical poses several questions: Should you lead a life that’s safe or one that’s risky in order to bring about a better world for tomorrow? Is the bohemian life as romantic as it sounds? Is revenge justified if it motivates you to expose evil and to work for justice?

The musical tells the story of two friends, Faith, a free spirit, and Trevor who believes in playing by the rules. They graduate college together and head their separate ways. Four years later, they reunite. At this point, Faith is an activist and dumpster diver, living with the DLF (Dumpster Liberation Front), and Trevor is a successful software developer working for Angelwire, a well known technology firm notorious for its bad environmental record and for violating privacy rights.

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When Faith confronts Trevor with news that his company has evil intentions–to enforce a mandatory chip to replace currency and to outlaw dumpster diving, he decides to verify her claims to prove her wrong. He discovers she is telling the truth, however, and now has a decision to make: join Faith and the DLF to expose the company for what it is, at great risk to himself, or continue working there and living a comfortable life.

What would you do?

After some thought, Trevor steals the company file, joins Faith and the DLF in their travels to an underground cable TV station to broadcast the truth. While traveling and dumpster diving, they are chased by Trevor’s former boss, Shelby, and his minions.

Eventually, the DLF, Faith, Trevor are surrounded at the TV station. Are they captured? Do they escape?

Dumpster Diver the musical is a story of friendship, adventure, and dumpster diving.

The themes of Dumpster Diver the musical
Dumpster Diver the musical carries a few themes …
follow your dreams, no matter how unconventional
the edge is where you get the best view

Musicals that inspired me to write Dumpster Diver the musical
The musicals that have inspired me include The Sound of Music, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds.

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