About the songs
I posted the songs for “Dumpster Diver the musical” to a lot of different websites. You can listen to them for free or you can buy them. I recorded all of these songs myself, playing the music (on keyboard) and singing. The songs are what’s known as “scratch tracks” which means they are a rough version, an idea of how I want the songs to be sung. I did this so I would have the songs recorded as a reference point. Once you listen, you get the idea. On some of the songs I recorded myself singing multiple vocal tracks, usually for harmony and to strengthen the dynamic range of the vocals.

Dumpster Diver the Musical
book/music: Kris Kemp

The Keyboard
I used one keyboard, the Yamaha PSR-540–to record all the music, playing bass lines, pre-programmed drum parts, and different keyboard sounds. The Yamaha PSR-540 is a fantastic keyboard with 700+ voices and a plethora of rhythm options. A few years after recording the music, I opened the shed where I had stored the keyboard and saw that rain had gotten in the shed and gotten inside the keyboard. I searched for the keyboard online and found someone selling the exact same model (which is no longer being manufactured) on CraigsList. They told me they would send it to me and that I could pay them after it arrived. I thanked them and told them I was glad that they were being so kind to do this. Super kind of the person. I think they were from Arkansas. The keyboard arrived. I played it. It worked beautifully. I sent them the money.

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CastAlbums – LOL. I think this site aggregates songs from musicals and puts them at this website. Cool they found it.

SatoshiStorm – not sure how the music got here, if it is here