Mixing the songs for Dumpster Diver the Musical

Recording the songs for Dumpster Diver the Musical
Some years ago, I was staying in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, in at a friend’s (Terri) place, in her spare room (the art room), where I recorded and mixed the songs for Dumpster Diver the Musical.

Marcus, an acquaintance, suggested by friend Carrie, helped me record and mix the songs to the digital multitrack recorder and on to a Compact Disc (CD). Marcus played keyboard at a nearby church. Thanks Marcus. Thanks Carrie. Thanks Terri. (Terri let me stay at her place rent-free. My “rent” consisted of contributing to food costs and helping to prepare healthy meals.) These are the pictures from the mixing and recording with Marcus.

The Yamaha PSR-540. This is a great keyboard. 700+ sounds. Has ability to record to diskette. Is midi compatible. I literally recorded all of the songs using this one keyboard. For the drum track in the song “Opportunity”, we used an acoustic drum set.

Me, looking up at the camera, with Marcus, mixing tracks, in the background.

The digital mixer.

Marcus, with headphones, listening to the tracks.

Marcus, with headphones, listening to the tracks. The Yamaha PSR-540 keyboard, the Mac computer.

Me, with headphones on, in the foreground, and Marcus, with headphones on, in the background, listening to the mix.

Notes for the songs.

Marcus listening to the mix.

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Dumpster Diver the Musical™
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