Click below to read the different versions of the book (script) for Dumpster Diver the Musical.

The Story Behind the Different Script Versions
The original script for the musical is 154 pages with a run-time of 2.5 hours. For the stage play, due to time limits and other variables, I shortened the script to 75 pages. Even at 75 pages, the scene changes for the live performance meant the run-time would have exceeded the 90-minute limit required by The New York Theater Fest for their 2018 “SummerFest” program. In order to fit the musical within the 90-minute time limit, I edited the script further, down to 50 pages. With the scene changes, the 50-minute version script came to a 75-minute run-time.

Due to scheduling conflicts, the sheet music not being completed, and other circumstances, a few of the original cast members dropped out. This was a week before the musical was scheduled to be staged. In order to galvanize the remaining actors and recruit new ones, the director took out the first 14 pages, reducing the script to a more manageable length–37 pages. This brought the stage production to a run time of 43 minutes.

You can read the script versions below by clicking the links.

154 page version (2.5 hour run-time)

111 page version (1 hr, 45 min run-time)

75 page version (90-minute run-time)

50 page version (75 minute run-time)

38-page version (45-minute run-time)

37-page version (43-minute run time)

For a story of how Dumpster Diver the musical came about, be sure to visit the FAQ page by clicking here.

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